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The American version of an English Pale Ale, Zephaniah is a good balance between malt and hops.   It


The American version of an English Pale Ale, Zephaniah is a good balance between malt and hops.   It is fruity and estery with some crystal malt providing a bit of residual sweetness.

5.4% ABV

49.5 IBU

Zephaniah, the great grandson of Josias, was born in 1736 in Brooklyn, NY. A revolutionary war veteran, Zephaniah lived on Shongum Mountain till his passing in 1823.



A mild German Ale with a light body, pale color and a slightly assertive hop bitterness. Passion Fruit puree was added in this unique  Kölsch.

5% ABV




With a perfect blend of Munich, Chocolate and Roasted malts, Abraham provides a chocolate-like roasted flavor with the smooth and rich body and mouth feel from adding oats to the mash.

7% ABV

35 IBU

Abraham and his brother John, as drovers moving cattle long distances, settled on farms outside of Winterset Iowa in the mid 1860s.  Abraham mistakenly poisoned John's dog so John would not speak to his brother again except on his deathbed which he said "You Killed My Dog!" right before passing.



A strong and dark Belgian-style ale with a malty sweetness and low hop profile.   Complex and fairly high alcohol Josias imparts chocolate, dark fruit and/or burnt caramel qualities as well a truly unique flavor profile provided by touch of star anise.

6.5% ABV

17.4   SRM

24.9  IBU

Josias Drätz was born in 1656 in Amsterdam, Holland and immigrated to the colonies in 1661at the age of 5.  Josias grew up and lived his life as a farmer on Long Island before passing at the age of 45 in 1701.6



A collision between an American IPA & an American Brown Ale. Starts off with  caramel & chocolate malt characteristics then finishes with a generous hop bitterness.  

6.4% ABV

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A well-rounded IPA with floral notes and citrus flavors from Amarillo hops making it juicy but not overly bitter.

7.2% ABV

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Light and refreshing, this mild Golden Ale is  brewed with low hop profile and a reddish hue from the addition of Hibiscus Flowers which provide a slight taste of Cranberry and Pomegranate.   

5.8% ABV

Inspired by our Great Aunt, Ellen "Jean" White.

Jean became interested in flying at the age of 13. She earned her private pilot certificate as a college sophomore and learned to fly  for free through the civilian pilot program at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Colleges were given a quota of 10 at that time and she was the only female in her class.



Small Batch Specialty & Seasonal


A mild German Style Sour Ale brewed with Coriander, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & a touch of  Calamansi. A citrus fruit native to the Southeast Asian Region, Calamansi gives this salty sour ale  a slight kick of citrus to give a similar flavor to a margarita. 

5% ABV



Barley Made It Home is an American style Barley Wine that is copper in  color with a high alcohol complexity and flavors of Toffee, Raisins and  Currant.  

11.1% ABV  




From our guest Holidaily Brewing Co., this beer is inspired by the man who helped others see the value of good time, this blonde ale has a subtle hop character and mellow malt flavor.  

5% ABV



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